"I sit before flowers
hoping they will train me in the art
of opening up"
- The Student, Shane Koyczan (via a-cious)

sighs and groans are
the only things
i say. i’m too
tired to say
anything else.

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while everyone else
is caught up in looks,
just remember that
a kind heart is more
than a pretty face.

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i don’t like people,
not even myself.

they’re untrustworthy.
and always hurt you,

no matter how good
their intentions are.

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His glare was icy.
His hair was messy.
His clothes were casual.
His attitude was serious.

He seemed kind of scary.
But as I got to know him,
I realized that he was scared,
and a little brokenhearted.

When he held my hands,
his hands were cold,
but his heart was like fire;
burning with passion.

He was a bit odd,
but I liked it.
I’ll never understand
why he wanted me.

His melancholic smile
would put me in a daze.
And his sad eyes
made my heart throb.

I guess you could say
he was beautiful
in a melancholic sort of way.
And that’s what I loved most about him.

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"He’s absolutely beautiful,"
I thought to myself.

But when I looked
into his eyes,
I saw a raging storm.
I also saw
his demons.

It reminded me
of my own demons.

Who would’ve known
that such a lovely
face, was hiding
so much pain…

They all say the same thing.
"I love you."
"I love you."
"I love you."

When I say it,
it’s filled with my heart,
and my soul.
Every inch of me
means every word of it.

When you say it,
it sounds empty.
It sounds like
you’re saying it
to spare my feelings.

"I love you."
"I love you."
"I love you."
Don’t use it so loosely.

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I know that I hurt you,
and I’ve apologized a thousand times.
I’ve done everything I could think of
to make it up to you,
and you said all is forgiven,
yet you still hold it against me.
Is this payback?

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